Lee Vai & Tim Collins
A perfect day at the lake! Tim Collins spots a guy waving at him from the shore, so he goes to investigate in his boat. The guy's name is Lee Vai, and his friends left him on the shore with no way to get to the other side! How, oh how, will Lee be able to make it across? Lucky for Lee, he's found the one guy who's happy to help any man in need, for the right price! Tim goes out to the middle of the boat and stops the engine and lays down the law: suck this dick or swim your way to shore! Having no choice, Lee commences the sucking, but soon finds out that, like the true butt pirate he is, Tim only wanted the blowjob as the introduction to his dick being jammed into Lee's asshole! A few sweaty, dick thrusting minutes later, and Tim's left all his seamen on Lee's poop deck! Hahaha! CRUISING GUYS HAS GONE AQUATIC, BABY!

Mario Montes & Tom Moore
Sometimes it feels like these guys walking the streets know what's out there - a horny, hung guy by the name of Tom Moore actively hunting for them. I think that's the case with Mario Montes... he looked like he was waiting for something, not a bus or a cab or anything, but a van. A plain, white van. After Tom Moore enticed him inside, it became clear: Mario had heard of Tom Moore's mobile sausage, and had been hanging around our favorite park, hoping to be picked up. Even though he had planned it all out, Tom Moore is not one to reject some free ass, especially when it's from a skinny guy like Mario! Since our cover was blown, Tom got right down to business and had Mario kneel down in front of him and start sucking him off. Then he bent him over the backseat and start ass fucking him, while cars and pedestrians passed by our van not 5 feet from the action! Hot!

Eric Chavez & Tom Moore
Eric is protesting Prop 8 at the bus stop when Tom pulls up beside him. Tom knows how to run some game, and before he knows what's happening, Eric is sitting in the back of the van naked! Tom is so slick, he doesn't waste any time and slips his long hard rod into Eric's warm wet mouth. Eric knows what's expected of him, and he aims to please with his performance. Tom Lays him down on the van's floor and guides his throbbing cock into the tight warmth of Eric's anus, enjoying the squeals of pleasure coming from beneath him. Tom's thrusting becomes more frenzied, and he pulls out his rock hard member and jerks himself off all over Eric's tattooed chest! After he's done, Tom's kicks him to the curb and begins cruising for guys again.


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