Straight Military Men have so much pent up sexual energy they'll do just about anything for relief. When they're ready, I am too! I search the beaches, the clubs and all the Hot Spots of San Diego to bring you these HOT Exclusive "Guys Next Door" that turn your head every day when you're out and about. These are guys that you won't see anywhere else but here on Buzz West. Many of them are Military Men that have just pulled in to port and are looking for adventures in San Diego. Totally Amateur Guys jerking off for my Amateur Videos. Hot, Naked, Straight Men getting off and having fun! My addiction is for the Straight Military Men getting naked for me, but of course there are some Gay and Bi-sexual guys thrown in the mix to keep things interesting also! Then again, Surfers, skaters, jocks, and college studs are always welcome additions as well!

Lance Robertson
Lance came to a party with his buddy Aaron almost a year ago and was intrigued at the thought of being in front of the camera. He finally got up the nerve to do it, and was still super nervous, but very excited. You can tell that he was nervous, but I always say "hard dicks don't lie". He was hard as soon as he got out the lube! Lance is a total beach boy, and totally into men. He says that he's very versatile and just likes to be in the moment, although the tattoo on his back makes me think he's more of a bottom! There's something about him that really gets you going. Maybe the nervousness or maybe just knowing that he's such a wild free spirited sex addict? You decide!

Brett's Audition
Wait till you see the gorgeous baby blue eyes on Brett! He tells me that he got stationed here in San Diego a little while back and LOVES it. Brett has been in "experimental" mode he says, but mostly with GUYS lately! You're gonna love his personality too, he was LOTS of fun to work with and I'm hoping to get him in a video with another guy soon before he switches back to girls! Brett has that "Southern Farm Boy" charm that will have you out of your pants before you even know you unzipped em.

Skip's Massage
Skip hasn't had a massage since he got back from Japan over a year ago and he's never had a massage from a guy. Skip is straight out of the Marines and just landed a new job here in San Diego so I hope he's around for a while! I could hardly wait to get started with this virgin stud, but was a little nervous myself. I work down Skip's back nice and slow and right down his smooth ass. I like to "test the waters" and go past his furry crack over and over. Well, I got a little close and his ass clamps up like a bear trap. I get around to work his legs over and his cock is poking backwards and getting harder by the second! I brush over his dick and he lets out a little moan. I flip him over before his throbbing cock breaks through the table! His cock throbs in anticipation when he is on his back. I brush past, and it hops up again. I give him some slow strokes and he lets out another moan. His cock is so hard I think he's ready to burst. I stroke over his chest and past his dick again. He gets so worked up I think he might cum right there. I give him a few steady strokes and he lets loose with his creamy load with gasping excitement. It was so HOT, I can hardly wait to have him back for more fun!


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