We make straight guys to gay things!

The Virgin Zachary
Straight 20 year old Zachary is a Porn Virgin, he has never posed nude or had any type of sex on video, we don't think he's done many girls either. From our conversation it appears that he's watched more girls give blowjobs on the Internet while beating off than anything else. And that's too bad as he's young, cute and hung at almost 9 thick inches. We told him we were going to start him with a photo shoot for underwear and that another model, Sebastian, would be showing him the ropes. Now Sebastian is a porn veteran who has done straight, bi and gay videos. He's as hot as they come with lots of big muscle covered in flawless smooth skin with one of the best bubble butt's we've ever seen and a thick 8 cock to top off this wet dream. Both guys strip down and Zachary indicates that he's pretty intimidated standing next to this 6'2 hunk. But Zachary has his own charm, he's young, handsome, tall with a solid, well proportioned body and we can't forget that prize 9 piece. Caruso asks both guys to work themselves up in their underwear to attain a better look for the photos and he puts on some porn to help. Once he sees the outline of their boners he springs the question How would you like to make double the money? And he goes on to explain to Zachary what would be required. By this time Zachary was so horny from watching porn along with his lack of sexual experience that he was ready to do anything that had to do with sex. So, our big stud Sebastian goes right for Zachary's cock and we eventually find them making out and then doing a very hot 69. When they're ready to cum Sebastian suggests that they stand up and jack off onto each other. And so it goes, Zachary, a porn virgin no more.


Situational seduction of a masculine straight teen worker.
You know what they say ''Flattery will get you everywhere''. When you're dealing with 19 year old straight guy who's a little slow on the uptake, it will get you into his pants and fast. Jimmy has been working for Caruso in the studio for a couple of weeks setting up new props and scenery. He's young, cute, built and always smiling. Don't expect him to answer your questions in the form of sentences, but who cares when you have eye candy like Jimmy around. And as long as he's around, straight and hot looking, why not see if we can convince him to do a little porn. Jimmy isn't interested until Caruso gives him the ''talk'' and offers him a grand to fuck around with the other dude. Next we see Jimmy strip down and this boy is hot. He's hairy, all in the right places, with a six pack, bubble butt and nice cock...a very suckable and fuckable straight boy package. Before you know it Max is on his knees sucking the dudes dick and all you have to do is look at the facial expressions to know, guy or not, Jimmy's liking it. Watch Jimmy's expression all throughout this scene - it's just fantastic to see his face go from happy to horror to ecstasy. Then it's Jimmy's turn to suck dick and he's not going for it, but the money is too powerful an incentive and he reluctantly gets down to business sucking his first cock, and after a little while he even got pretty good at it. We aren't able to get him to fuck, but we do have his first gay kiss captured and that is very hot. We end the scene with some sucking and jacking. Jimmy let's a big load go all over Max's face. Now cumshots are not usually adorable, but this one was and it made it all that more sexy. Well, now it was Jimmy's turn to take the spooge, but Max goes easy on him and lets it fly on his chest instead of his face. Don't miss the follow up interview in the shower. If you learn anything from this video it's next time you meet a straight guy remember; flattery might just get you everywhere!


Straight Texan Latino Blindfolded And Done By A Dude
Well, today we had our own version of the Texas Two-Step, but without the music and without the woman. The leader in this case was the hot and getting hotter every time we see him, Bait boy Mike Rivers. The follower, Juven, a hot straight Latino Texan with a Texas size 9'' cock, slender body and covered in tattoos - the largest of which spells out, what else, T-E-X-A-S. Here's how the dance goes. We know from our initial interview that Juven is a bit kinky. He loves rough sex, things like ''slappin' the bitches'' as he puts it, tying up girls, getting tied up, etc. So we tell him that this hottie Stephanie wanted to suck his cock while he's blindfolded and he has to keep his hands off her. Of course unbeknownst to Juven, Mike Rivers will be playing the part of Stephanie. We strip Juven down and blindfold him and Mike gets to sucking some cock. Juven's cock starts growing to it's full 9 inches as Mike sheds his clothes piece by piece and reveals his fucking awesome body, cock and bubble butt. Mike is really into the blow job and unknowingly moaning louder and louder until Juven senses something isn't right and rips off his blindfold. He is really pissed, screaming he's not into this shit, he's not gay, etc. It took a while, but we got him quieted down and finally convinced him with triple the money to let Mike finish the job. This turns into one of the hottest videos we've ever shot. At one point Mike just grabs the Texan and starts making out with him and although Juven keeps putting him off, eventually Mike gets to him by gently kissing his ear and his neck which must be a super hot spot turn on for Juven. When it came time, Juven absolutely refused to return the blow job favor to Mike, but was agreeable to power fucking Mike and slapping his gorgeous bubble butt harder and harder at Mike's request until he cums. When it's Juven's time to cum, Mike asks if kissing his neck would help and Juven quitely said ''OK'', not wanting to be too gay about it. After that it didn't take long for Juven to shoot a load on his taut stomach - right on top of TEXAS. Caruso then interviews both dudes in the shower.



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